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PPC Service

PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns bring you the most targeted, effective, immediate results. With our integrated PPC management, our experienced SEM team creates the right campaign around your business objectives while keeping your ad budget on a tight leash.

Features Of Our PPC Management Program

  • We tweak campaigns to suit your business objectives and provide you with new opportunities and keep you in the know about industry best-practices.

  • With our expert knowledge, we aim to increase your CTR with targeted customers and thus reduce wastage.

  • We provide you with a dedicated team.

  • We've saved many of our clients' thousands of pounds a month and increased conversion rates.

  • Our cutting-edge bidding algorithm increases your campaign's efficiency for improved ROI

  • We manage multiple platforms, including social media channels, AdWords, Bing, AdRoll, and many more.

  • No minimum contract

  • Maximise your ROI - our conversion rate optimization strategy makes make your conversion rates climb.

What Makes a Successful PPC management?

You need to have an eye for details to manage a successful PPC campaign. And that eye for details only comes from experience. At DataDom, our team of PPC experts looks into every aspect of the campaign to bring you the best results.

The main reason behind poorly performing PPC campaign is lack of regular attention. Relying on management tool to help with bid management too can come in the way of successful PPC management.

The most effective PPC management should include reviewing ad copies, landing pages, and user journeys as well. At DataDom, we make it a point to review every aspect of a PPC campaign and keep tweaking the campaign to suit your business. We also have deep knowledge about the latest options and features offered by top PPC providers and use that knowledge to improve your campaign and save you tons of money.

Are you managing your PPC campaign the best possible way? Book a PPC audit with us and find out for yourself.